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  5. Hi Witty,

    any idea what could be causing this on my Insignia 2.0 SRI. 

    My dashboard illumination en mass is intermittently flashing rapidly. It's gradually getting worse to the point I think it's going to completely go blank. I thought it was a bulb on its way out but apparently we don't have bulbs, it's  driving me crazy. 





    1. Witty


      If that was me, I would try disconnecting the battery for about 20 - 30 minutes. 

      Some this will reset a few things. 

  6. Hi,

    Why you have 2 silencer on 160hp (pics from RR)? Do you have your file? Can I see it?

  7. Hi,

    if you have DVD800 (not CD500) system (vin code 10th letter 9 or A, for example W0LxxxxxxAxxxxxxx)
    I can sell my disc , all Europe, version 2014/2015,
     £ 80 including postage

    how about that?



  8. Hi, do you still have your insignia? I'm in Daventry and would like to take a look at the led interior, thanks

  9. Hi, are the headlights on your car aftermarket? If so could you let me know where you got them from.. thanks

  10. Hi Fursty,

    do you still have the  file anywhere?


  11. Hi,


    If NAVI900 or NAVI600, I have for sale navigation sd card ?

    do you need?

    it is the latest version 16/17, all Europe



    1. Crozperium


      Hi I just saw your post - how much are you selling for?


    2. mobility9




      how about £85 including postage?

      it is version 16/17, All Europe, for NAVI600 and NAVI900

  12. My insignia 2.8 turbo 

  13. Do you have the part number or name for the wire that connects to 2015 speedometer?


  14. Hello, i am from Slovenia and need update for cd500 2015/16 navigation maps. How can i get them from you?



  15. Hi mrjones2004x.  Would like to know how you got on with your clutch cause mine hit the floor today and got stuck in gear, but then I pulled it back up and all seems good at the moment. Is that how yours went. Cheers


  16. Hi mate re your AFLs did you wire them in yourself ? I have a problem of one of my cornering lights stopping on the whole time when connected to the power wire via the fuses, the other one works fine whilst turning ? Any help ? JDR did say to disconnect the neg wire from the batt and try again ? 

    1. Unilateral


      I didn't use cornering lights on mine but I think they just use a simple latching relay that in this case has got stuck. Try tapping it a few times while the power in off to it. It might just free it up. Other than that you might need to open it up and replace but normally a few taps and power cycling sorts it. 

  17. Message sent. Send disc to Paulius, 6 Brothertoft Court, Boston, PE21 8QT, UK. Regards, Paul

  18. Paul I've left messages on your thread for a address as i cant message you, theres not much more i can do now until you get in touch!

    1. Paulx


      Message sent. Send disc to Paulius, 6 Brothertoft Court, Boston, PE21 8QT, UK. Regards, Paul

  19. Hi there sorry for this but the site will back down for a few days whlist the registerars swap fro the domain name.. thats 2 workings days probably tuesday before things come back online then i can start. improving the features and functionality on the forum.




    how about £70 for NAVI900?


  21. Intrested in having my dash lights done if your still doing it mate? Tried messaging you but woukdnt work :/ 

  22. Hi Martyn,

    You upgraded my Insignia with bluetooth a few years back and I remember you could upgrade the software at the same time.  Can you still upgrade engine software?

    It seems there is some underlying reason why my DPF is filling up too quickly or not auto regenerating enough, had frequent problems with it.  Latest fault code was "injector cylinder 1 incorrect reading".

    A couple of garages have suggested getting the engine management software updated.  Is this something you could do?  Do you think it's worthwhile?

    Seems a common problem is fuel getting into the sump which causes this, which needs a software upgrade to fix.



    1. Scotty


      Ian, Scotty here. I think Martyn has disappeared from the site now. I don't have any forwarding details unfortunately. Maybe put a forum thread up to see if anyone knows him personally. 





  23. Received disc and updated.  Could you send me the address of the next person please.  Tried to message you but it didn't go through.


    1. Paulx


      Hello mate,

      Give me a sec.


  24. Please add me to your list

    1. Paulx


      Hello mate.

      Please pay 9£ to and i will add you to the list.

      After payment please send me your name and address.

      Regards, Paul

  25. Hi,  


    Have you still got the red box?



  26. Any chance you know where I can get the original firmware for the CD400 Navi please?

  27. I have a Vauxhall insignia cdti 2010 sports tourer not sure if it's a timing belt or chain and what the mileage is for changing belt if it is one, any ideas


  28. is it a dual back box you've got are you selling it

    1. Lff64


      It is dual but I am now keeping the car 

    2. dave123
    3. dave123
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